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Well often people get confuse with acid reflux or ulcers. Mostly people suffer from heartburn and they normally associate it with acid reflux disease, ulcers or other problems that are being generally caused by too much stomach acid. Well ths symptoms like gasiness, flatulence, stomach pains and indigestion are actually caused by the lack of the production of stomach acid. This condition occurs with GERD and Hydrochlohydria. It's important to diagnose this problem correctly as treatment and medications for too much stomach acid can obviously make the problem worse.People having acidity problems suffer from either too much or too little stomach acid, both of these condition can be cause stomach problems which include stomach bloating, burping, belching and flatulence more than normal. Dealing with digestive problem is common when they are chronic or severe you need to find assistance. The best and quick solution for all these problem is to take proton pump inhibitors.

Please Review The Below Table

OBESITYAlo Cod-2320-30 ml. mrng.
Bhumi Amla Juice,20-30 ml. B.M twice a day.
Punernava Juice20-30 ml. B.M twice a day.
Trifla With Aloevera,Saptfla20-30 ml. at night
Arand Mool Tailam1 teaspoon to 50 ml. with milk at night
Loki Juice50ml empty stomach

Doctor also prescribe antacids that helps to reduce the symptoms. This will help by neutralizing the stomach acid and give temporary relief. On the other it is considered that stress, anger and frustration are the main factors that leads to acidity. The commonly mistake we do in our daily routine is to intake maximum acidic material like meat, grains, too much spices and much more, all this increases the acid content in our body due to which we feel heartburn most often. If we don't intake green veggies and fruits then our body will have high amount of acid content in it. Spicy foods can also negatively affect the digestion process and cause the stomach over-produce acids which can lead to gastritis and be very painful. So the best way to overcome and fight with this issue is to intake as such water and green fresh vegetables you can. Try to intake less spices as much as possible to avoid such heartburns.

The main things that we should avoid in this condition:

  • Try not to bend over after meal time and keep your upper Body elevated
  • Avoid chewing gums for few months
  • Do not eat large meals and over eat
  • Try not to drink liquids with your meal
  • Try to take water 20 min before and after meal
  • Avoid late night dinners
  • Avoid oily and greasy food in night.
  • Don't skip breakfast Don't skip meals

Apart from there are some natural remedies that can act as miracle for littele stomach acid:

  • Keep you body fully hydrated to avoid heartburn. Drink 6-10 glasses of water per day
  • Add in exercises in your daily life and you will feel more energetic and positive,no more heartburns.
  • Keep your upper body elevated when laying down
  • Instead of 3 big meals you must go for 6-7 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day
  • Add mustard in your diet MUST !!
  • Drink a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

Recomended Remedies

Apart from all above remedies Axiom Ayurveda also give you best products that can be beneficial in acidity disease. Here  are the few recommendations:-

Shweta Durva Juice :
Take it20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Peepal Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Apamarg Juice:
Take it20-30 ml. A.M. twice a day
Bhumi Amla Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Pitpapra Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Avipattikar Churan:
Take it1 TSP B.M. twice a day

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