Remedies Headache and Migraine

Headache And Migraine

If there is one situation which has messed up virtually every human being - it's a headache. Unanimously, a headache is a common abbreviation for any discomfort experienced in the head. This pain generally comes as a result of a mixture of elements and therefore, it is essential that one realizes these types of factors before searching for a therapy. Becoming familiar with the sources of a headache or migraine can generally help one in curing and staying away from them till a certain extent.

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Headache and


Brahmi JuiceTake it 10-15 ml mrng
Shankhpushpi JuiceTake it 10-30 ml. mrng & evng
Nirgundi JuiceTake it 20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Nirgundi NasalTake it As written on label
Dronpushpi NasalTake it As written on label

there are four different kinds of headaches

  • Myogenic
    Muscular headache which takes place because of strain and tension in muscles.
  • Vascular
    These are brought on due to an unbalanced blood circulation near the head or brain. Fever headaches and migraines are common vascular headaches.
  • Inflammatory
    These headaches usually result in a inflammation of the head because they are due to allergic reactions such as common cold, flu, etc.
  • Traction
    This kind of headaches are uncommon because they are brought on when nerve fibres are pulled or stretched. Brain tumours, cysts, aneurysms, etc are common reasons for traction headaches and surgery is necessary for effective treatment.

Migraines - A severe type of Headache

Migraines are a unexplainable class of headaches and science advocates numerous very different other factors which unfortunately be responsible for one. A migraine typically encompasses other problems this includes extravagant sensitivity to light or sound ( or both ), blurry vision, nausea and general bodily discomfort. Although the exact cause of Migraine headaches continues to be not clear, the basic consensus is the fact they may be caused by chemical imbalances in the human brain. However, there are several additional circumstances too which be responsible for migraine discomfort such as -

  • Dietary, Hormonal or medical-related factors - Irregular consuming patterns, certain citrus foods, cheese and even chocolate have happened to be noted to trigger migraine symptoms in sensitive people. Certain people practical knowledge such severe headaches when they are undergoing hormonal changes or when certain medicines react to their natural body processes.
  • Everyday life or Environmental factors - Observing too much television, listening to loud music regularly constantly, change of place or weather, etc can also lead to severe migraine problems.

Cure for Headaches and Migraine

There are numerous cures available today that can safely and effectively treat all kinds of headaches ( over 200 ! ) and even Migraines. These treatment options come in the form of natural therapies such as oil massages, acupuncture techniques and many different stress-busting exercise sessions or prescription drugs that are sold over-the-counter. Medicinal pills work best if the pain is balmy and not regular as they offer quick relief.
Nevertheless, relying upon supplements for continuing headaches could possibly be hazardous since they can relieve strong adverse reactions. In such cases, relying upon natural therapy is a good idea as they simply help in bringing an improvement to one's lifestyle in the long run. Acupuncture is a well known remedy for common headache and migraine issues. It is considered that certain points in the body such as the temple are known for controlling headaches and migraines. Calming these incentive points can instantaneously cure them.
Nevertheless, if a headache is deep-rooted, it is much healthier to consult one's individual medical doctor because sometimes, even the most minor symptoms are indicative of major interior issues.

Recomended Remedies

Apart from all above remedies Axiom Ayurveda also give you best products that can be beneficial in headache and migraine disease. Here  are the few recommendations:-

Brahmi Juice:
Take it 10-15 ml mrng.
Shankhpushpi Juice:
Take it 10-30 ml. mrng & evng.
Nirgundi Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml. B.M. twice a day
Nirgundi Nasal:
Take it As written on label
Dronpushpi Nasal:
Take it As written on label

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