Remedies Insomnia and Fatigue


Insomnia And Fatigue

Almost all people in the future experience sleepless nights or insomnia. It is considered that ten percent of the human population know-how chronic insomnia and approximately fifty percent are affected to some degree. Insomnia is not a health problem, but a indication of something different. The description of insomnia is "habitual sleep problems, not having the ability to stay asleep or not being able to fall asleep or both". Sleeplessness could be contributed to the amount of sleep one gets and also the quality of sleep a person gets. Individuals are inclined to have a large range in the amount of sleep they need, for this reason insomnia is not described by the amount of sleep a person gets.

Please Review The Below Table

Insomnia & FatigueUrjamritaAs written On Label
Brahmi Juice20-30 ml. mrng.
Shankhpushpi Juice10-30 ml.  mrng. & evng.
Shatvar Juice or Churan20-30 ml. with milk at 6 pm.
Tulsi Juice50-20 ml. twice a day
Viidarikand20-30 ml. mrng. & evng.
UrjamritaAs written on label

A lot of people know while they are suffering from insomnia depending on precisely how they look and feel the next day. The medical local community will certainly determinate insomnia depending on the amount of time the issue continues to be happening. Not every medical specialists come to an agreement on the signs and symptoms of insomnia, but common recommendations are placed below.

  • Transient Insomnia
    Insomnia that survive a week or less.
  • Short Term Insomnia
    Insomnia that last between one and three weeks.
  • Chronic Insomnia
    Insomnia that last more then three weeks.

Some Basic stats about Insomnia:

All age groups are affected by insomnia. Insomnia has a tendency to effect more women then men in adults. As people age insomnia is likely to increase. Insomnia is most popular in lower income levels, individuals with mental health problems and alcohol addicted individuals. Emotional stress is regarded as the major cause or trigger for insomnia. It is very important do something positive about transient and short term insomnia so it does not grow into chronic insomnia.

What could potentially cause insomnia ?

Insomnia could be a result of a wide range of things. Typically they are able to be categorized into the groups psychiatric, medical or situational factors. Some of the typical causes of short-term and transient sleeping disorders include - work schedule changes, uncomfortable noise, jet lag, stress, sleeping room temperature, medical problems, drug withdraws, altitude.
Chronic insomnia is generally associated with a common condition or psychiatric condition. Some psychiatric things that result in insomnia are stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Doctors use the symptom of insomnia in diagnoses of mental illness and depression. This method does not mean that if you are suffering insomnia that you are afflicted by depression or a mental illness.
There are also several actual physical problems which will cause insomnia. These include - disorder in the circadian rhythm, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, heart condition, angina, acid reflux, asthma, sleep apnea, parkinson's or alzheimer's disease and brain trauma. People who fall into the following categories are considered high risk for insomnia - travelers, individuals who change shifts often, senior adults, pregnant women, students and females going through the menopause. In addition there are many different types of medication related to sleep problems, these include - cold and asthma medication, high blood pressure medication along with medication used to address nervousness and depression symptoms. Various other reasons behind sleeplessness can include coffee, nicotine, alcohol ( will cause poor quality of sleep ) and a bed partner who is troublesome.
Certain frequent signs and symptoms of insomnia consist of - not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep, difficulties paying attention when awake, problem remembering things, poor coordination, bad moods, trouble remaining awake while driving. When people have these types of signs and symptoms they occasionally make their insomnia worse by treating them with excessive amounts of caffeine, energy drinks and stimulants.

Recomended Remedies

Apart from all above remedies Axiom Ayurveda also give you best products that can be beneficial in Insomnia-Fatigue Disease. Here  are the few recommendations:-

Take it As written on label
Brahmi Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml. mrng.
Shankhpushpi Juice:
Take it 10-30 ml. mrng & evng.
Shatvar Juice or Churan:
Take it 20-30 ml. with milk at 6 pm
Tulsi Juice:
Take it 5-20 ml. twice a day
Take it 20-30 ml. mrng. & evng
Urjamrita Naval ointment:
As written on level

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