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Throat Problem

Imagine a day, when you are all set to rock a presentation or a public speech, as a speaker with all your preparations at its best, but you suffer from sore throat. Sore throat is the pain that is felt at the back of the throat. This accompanies cold/flu or a general feeling of sickness.

Please Review The Below Table

Throat ProblemKasomrita1-2 teaspoon 4-5 times a day
Kantkari juice20-30 ml. mrng.
Adusa Juice20 ml. B.M. Twice a day
Trikatu Churan1/2 teaspoon with luke warm water mrng
Swasomrita Navel ointmentAs Written on label

Well! The day to day activities like drinking, eating, breathing and speaking are being conducted through pharynx or commonly called THROAT. If we have an infection in this section of the body, then it can easily affect the other body organs as well.  Since, throat is closely associated with the larynx, mouth and nasal cavity, any ailment in these sections, may result in throat complications too. If you face any throat related difficulties, then the best thing would be to visit a good doctor and have the treatment accordingly.

There are many simple ways to fix the throat irritation. The first and foremost thing that should be remembered is to do gargle with warm water with pinch of salt added in it. As gargling kills the bacteria which are considered as the primary reason for any throat problem. 

Throat problems often occur in winter session, when you catch up cold. Just remember, not to share the cup with the rest of the family members to avoid them from being infected, as this can easily get transferred. Cover mouth with handkerchief while coughing/sneezing.
One can consider having boiled ginger, tulsi/basil leaves and drink it as tea with lesser sugar. Red ginger when taken with warm water, can act as miracle for reducing the pain. Gargling with salted water can help to get rid from the pain and the best way to take the same is using it in hot form. It lessens the pain and even kills the bacteria in your throat. This is a cheaper way of curing sore throat, although it is a bit of an effort from your side, if you plan to do this.


Apart from all above remedies, Axiom Ayurveda also gives you the best products that can be beneficial in throat disease. Here are the few recommendations :-

Take it 1-2 teaspoon 4-5 times a day
Kantkari Juice:
Take it 20-30 ml in morning.
Adusa Juice:
Take it 20 ml. B.M. Twice a day
Trikatu Churan:
Take it 1/2 teaspoon with luke warm water in morning
Swasomrita Navel ointment :
Take it as written on the label

For more details, you can contact our support team anytime. We will be helping you in the best way we can.

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