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Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever is a dangerous and undoubtedly fatal disease that could be brought on by a bacterial infection. This health issue is generally connected with weak hygiene and is increasingly common in areas with poor sanitation. Typhoid Fever is brought on by the harmful bacteria species generally known as Salmonella enterica. These kinds of bacteria are passed down into the patient by means of polluted water more often than not of bacterial infection. If the drinking water or even just food infected with fecal waste materials from an infected person is used up by any person, he or she could easily get infected with the virus with the typhoid bacteria found in the fecal matter.

Please Review The Below Table

Typhoid FeverFlu Treat20-30 ml. afteer every 6 hrs.
Bala juice20-30 ml. mrng & evng.
Nirgundi juice,Dronpushpi juice20-30ml B.M. twice a day

TAs soon as the harmful bacteria get engaged in the body by means of the gastrointestinal system, they make their way into into the digestive tract walls and are phagocytosed, or flooded in solid form by macrophages that happen to be a sort of white blood cells. From that point, it can be taken into sections of the body in which it can increase like spleen, liver and bone marrow. Once it multiplies in good statistics, it comes into the blood stream again causing signs and symptoms of the fever.
Possibly not everyone could get seriously ill after the bacteria infect them. People still developing mild fever which can be ignored can certainly continue on to be foreseeable future carriers of the disease, as the harmful bacteria find havens to capitalize on in the liver, gall bladder and bile duct.

Signs and symptoms

The indications of Typhoid Fever include the following.· Slowly and gradually progressive high fever
· An extremely high fever degree of 104 °F
· Red colored, flat rash or spots
· Below average desire for food
· Pounding headache
· Stress and anxiety
· Diarrhea

However, the disease moves along by means of no less than four phases spanning across a bit more than three weeks. In the very first week, the fever, headache and cough attack the patient with malaise. It could possibly also come with nose bleeding and abdominal muscle discomfort. In the second week, the fever actually reaches up to 104 °F, specially formulated by low heart beat rate along with a dicrotic pulse. Delirium is a noted symptom during this stage. Diarrhea and bowel irregularity are experienced regularly by affected people.
The third stage can be especially harmful due to the risks of growth and development of certain additional complications which include digestive tract blood loss, muttering delirium and the digestive tract perforation could occur. The fever progressively cuts down on by the end of the third week.

Medical diagnosis

The diagnosis of the typhoid fever is carried out by testing blood samples, bone marrow and stool cultures to investigate for the presence of the Salmonella type bacteria through the Widal Test, which confirms the presence of the antibodies for the parasite. However, the test can take a bit too long to confirm the results, as timely antibiotic treatment is vital to the treatment of the disease. Till the results from the Widal Test are awaited, ciprofloxacin is administered.
So its better to check up this problem at very first stage and get the medicine for the same.

Recomended Remedies

Apart from all above remedies Axiom Ayurveda also give you best products that can be beneficial in typhoid disease. Here are the few recommendations:-

Flu Treat:
Take it 20 ml. Between meal Twice a day
Bala Juice:
Take it As written on label
Nirgundi Juice :
Take it 20-30 ml. Mrng
Dronpushpi Juice:
Take it 20-50 ml. Evng

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