Cure System not Symptom


There is very famous quote " Prevention is better than cure", so we here in AXIOM AYURVEDA works hard on the root cause of the disease. So that it may get vanish from the roots as well.We not only try to treat the disease or symptoms but devote time in analysing the root causes of the diseases and make sure that the treatment procedure for patient to patient is formulated carefully to achieve the best of the results.


Every  individual have it's own kind of body and different immune system so it totally depend on individual to fight with particular disease. After analysing the body type and immunity power we guide the person with our medicines or products. For the same. the patient is followed up with proper checkups, tests and monitored periodically. Here we try to find the root cause of the diseases and make the ayurvedic herbal preparations accordingly. Each patient is appropriately diagnosed by doctor before prescribing any medicines.


Like for an instance, if a person is suffering from abdominal problem then we often give him the pain killer for quick relief. Then slowly we try to understand the root cause of the pain which would then guide our representatives to provide them accurate medicines and supplements. Like if the person is suffering from appendicitis or kidney stone then obviously the treatment will vary. So it's best to first review the complete problem and then cure the SYSTEM which will help not have the same problem again.

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