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Home made remedies are always the best and cost effective. It's well said that home made remedies can treat all kinds of illnesses. In such we opt natural way of healing which included homemade medicines and all. There are remedies that have passed down from our grandparents and have been there for generations and various cultures. In many cases it has been proved that home made remedies cure the diseases much faster and far better way as compared to  medicines and all.

We generally use natural spices,vegetables and other household items to made such medicines. At Axiom Ayurveda we do practice the same and bring to your door many medicines which are in short inspired from all home made remedies. Vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs can help you cure many diseases. A home remedy is a treatment to cure a disease or ailment that employs certain spices, vegetables, or other common items.


Not only this but if compared to nowadays medicines, these homemade remedies are far cheaper and easily available to  everyone. Plus as all natural ingredients are used in such medicine  and supplements so they doesnot cause any kind of allergies to anyone. Most of us might get side effects on consumption of the medicines which might lead to severe health hazards. However, when we consume home made remedies  all side effects are minimized since you are using only those ingredients that will serve specific purposes.


At Axiom Ayurveda, home made remedies and medicine are the only medicine which are made from the different parts of plants, spices herbs, and foods that you eat and see everyday. These natural ingredients boost our immunity and helps us to fight  against the bacteria and dangerous viruses that infect our body. They are easy to make and also cheaper than new medicines.

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