Swaras Chikitsa

Axiom Ayurveda come up with very healthy and nutritive juice therapy that is Swaras Chiktsa or Real Juice Therapy. Till dates it's considered the best therapy and followed by many ancient saints, ayurvedacharaya, guru's, Unani, Ayurveda Doctors and many others. It's very well known that fresh juice is combo of many healthy nutrients. According to science it is clear that fibre and minerals are absorbed in the juice form more quickly as compared with raw fruits and vegetables. So consumption of fresh juice will result in grabbing the nutrients in quick form.


Fresh juices of herbs play vital role in curing the diseases fast and accurately. Now a days many people avoid allopathy treatment and they require natural and secure therapy which is not only having any side effect but also cure diseases fast and they also want to recover from the side effects occurred during the treatment of allopathy. Ayurvedic ancient therapy which is not only helps to cure all chronic diseases but also prevent from future diseases which can be cause of death or long illness. At present we have been introduced some herb juices, but in near future we shall be able to introduce some more juices. we have written and mention some uses and direction but it is better to take these juices under doctor advice only.


Herbal juices can be taken by the patient as well as healthy person, because it is not only cure diseases but also prevent from diseases. It is the most potent form of a herb. The main key behind all this is that FRESH JUICE is complete pack of flavour and nutrients which in returns boost your metabolism and enhances your immunity if taken in vice form.


So, Swaras Chiktsa or Real Juice Therapy is the answers for all you will get the best therapy if you add this in your diet for more details you can contact our support team they will guide you in the best way. You can even shop online from our latest collections of healthy drinks and juices.

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